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Get a Restored, Confident Smile with Crowns and Bridges

Damaged or decayed teeth often cause sensitivity and pain, while small chips or cracks in your smile zone can make you feel too self-conscious to smile. If the interior of damaged tooth is intact, it can be saved and restored. A dental crown or tooth cap is an excellent option for restoring function and aesthetics in a tooth with a weakened structure caused by cracks, large fillings or a root canal. If you have a missing tooth and have decided not to get a dental implant, a bridge is the next best solution. Whether you have a damaged or missing tooth, the prosthodontists at Commonwealth Prosthodontics have the artistic eye and extensive restorative skills to create natural-looking tooth crowns and dental bridges in Richmond, VA to restore your smile function and beauty. Our on-site dental lab ensures superb quality control in the fabrication of crowns and bridges, from start to finish.

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Dental Crowns Protect Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are fixed tooth caps that cover a compromised tooth to restore its strength and aesthetics. To prepare your tooth for the crown, it needs to be filed down and reshaped into a smaller size. Any decay needs to be removed because the tooth structure under the crown must be decay-free. Impressions are made of your tooth that our on-site dental lab technician uses to create your new crown. During the same visit, our prosthodontists fabricate a temporary composite crown in Richmond, VA that you’ll wear until the permanent crown is completed. Our highly-skilled technician employs fine craftsmanship to create a beautiful porcelain or zirconia crown that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth in color and shape. During your second appointment, we check to make sure the crown fits securely and your bite is properly restored. A quick occlusal adjustment may be necessary if the crown is too high. In some cases, temporary cement is used so you can test out the crown before it’s permanently cemented during a third visit.
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The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental Bridges Fill Gaps Left by Tooth Loss

Even a single missing tooth can cause loss of bone and shifting of surrounding teeth. A dental bridge consists of a false tooth anchored by teeth on each side. A bridge is an alternative option to a partial denture if you have a couple of missing teeth in a row. The adjacent teeth need to be crowned to provide adequate support for the bridge. As with a single crown, the teeth on each side of the empty socket are modified, then impressions are taken. Your bridge is fabricated on-site by our dental lab technician from high-quality materials and color-matched to look natural alongside your existing teeth. We also offer fixed zirconia bridges that rely on dental implants with crowns to replace missing teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

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The Cost of Crowns and Bridges Cost in Richmond, VA

The cost of dental crowns and bridges varies based on geographic differences, practice overhead and reliance on outside dental labs. The Commonwealth Prosthodontics team will provide a cost estimate based on the unique details of your case so you know what to expect before treatment starts. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive pricing for superbly crafted crowns and bridges, thanks in good part to having an in-house dental lab. You can choose from several top-rated third-party financing companies to make your new dental crown or bridge in Richmond, VA even more affordable.

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