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From Implant Discomfort to Tailored Solutions

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A Comprehensive Approach to Resolving Failing Dental Implants

Experiencing the setbacks of failing dental implants can be a distressing ordeal, both physically and emotionally. The potential pain points include discomfort, difficulty chewing, and a compromised aesthetic appearance. Failed implants may lead to heightened sensitivity, persistent pain, and challenges in daily activities such as eating and speaking.

Beyond the physical aspects, there’s an emotional toll as patients may grapple with disappointment, frustration, and a dent in their self-confidence. Recognizing this, our team is dedicated to addressing and resolving implant issues, ensuring you regain the functionality and confidence associated with a successful implant outcome.

What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

From Diagnosis to Successful Rehabilitation

Our approach involves a comprehensive and patient-centered strategy to address the underlying causes and restore optimal oral health when faced with dental implant failures. We begin with a thorough examination, utilizing advanced diagnostics to identify the issues leading to implant complications.

Treatment may involve addressing inadequate osseointegration through bone grafting, correcting implant misplacement, or addressing peri-implantitis with targeted therapies. We prioritize personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to your unique circumstances. Whether adjusting the implant position, replacing a failed implant, or incorporating innovative solutions, our commitment is to rejuvenate the smile, ensuring long-term stability and patient satisfaction.

Your Trusted Partner in Failing Implant Solutions

At Commonwealth Prosthodontics, we’ve become a trusted referral resource for those dealing with failing implants. We recognize that dental problems can be a source of worry, so we’ve focused our expertise on repairing broken dental bridges to ensure they function flawlessly.

Whether addressing issues stemming from a poorly designed restoration or fixing errors from previous dental work, our prosthodontists in Richmond, VA, are committed to setting things right. We believe everyone deserves a smile that boosts their confidence, and we’re here to offer individualized and caring attention to make that a reality.

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