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Prolonging the Life of Your Oral Reconstruction

Maintaining the longevity of your oral reconstruction outcomes necessitates a disciplined approach to post-surgical care. Following your post-operative instructions is essential as they provide a comprehensive guide for optimal recovery. Following any oral reconstruction procedure, you should adhere to a personalized maintenance plan outlined by our prosthodontists. This often includes regular dental check-ups, good oral hygiene habits, and a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet, avoiding sugary treats, and kicking harmful habits like smoking play a significant role in preserving your newfound oral health. Maintaining regular check-ups, embracing good oral habits, and making healthy lifestyle choices ensures that your beautiful and functional smile endures the test of time, making every step of your oral health journey worthwhile.

Proactive Care for a Lasting Smile

Following your reconstruction procedure, you’ll be given post-op instructions and training on the proper tools to perform adequate home care while your mouth heals. We’ll see you back in our Richmond, VA, office one month after your procedure to perform a hygiene visit and health check with our experienced hygienist with over 25 years of experience. This step is crucial to maintain the health and longevity of your dental work.

This one-month post-op follow-up allows our team to determine how well your mouth is healing before the delivery date of your final product. If your mouth is adjusting to your dental implants well without any hurdles, we’ll create a plan to see you twice a year. If your implants are doing okay but there’s room for improvement, our team will create a treatment plan to see you every four months. If there are some complications, we’ll see you every three months to ensure your smile and oral health stay intact and on track.

The Follow-Up Visit Advantage

Control the Health of Your New Smile!

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