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Choose Zirconia to Transform Your Smile

If you’re considering replacing missing teeth or looking for an alternative to dentures, you’ve come to the right practice. The prosthodontists at Commonwealth Prosthodontics have advanced training and extensive experience creating different types of customized tooth replacement options on-site at our state-of-the-art dental lab. We offer zirconia bridges in Richmond, VA because they offer outstanding biocompatibility, unparalleled durability, excellent smile function and fantastic aesthetic results. Zirconia is made of zirconium dioxide, which has the highest mechanical strength and fracture resistance of all non-metallic materials. Due to its incredible strength, zirconia is often referred to as ceramic steel. Thanks to our on-site lab and sophisticated CAD/CAM technology, you can receive a beautiful fixed implant bridge in Richmond, VA milled from a solid block of zirconia in less time than traditional fixed bridges. We offer different options including full contour monolithic zirconia bridges over a titanium bar and fixed zirconia implant bridges with a chrome cobalt bar.

Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

Zirconia Provides Superb Long-Term Function and Beauty

A zirconia implant bridge in Richmond, VA has 10 times the strength natural tooth enamel and up to five times the strength as porcelain. It’s a great choice if you have a history of fractured, cracked or otherwise broken restorations made from other materials. Traditional dentures and some hybrids are made by securing porcelain teeth into an acrylic or essentially plastic base. Studies have shown that this type of prosthesis is susceptible to various issues, including fractures, chips, scratches, dislodging of the denture teeth, acrylic wear and plaque, food and debris accumulation. When you get a full arch zirconia implant bridge in Richmond, VA, you won’t experience the functional limitations associated with conventional dentures. A zirconia fixed implant bridge can withstand everyday wear and tear and significantly strong bite forces without fracturing. Unlike a traditional bridge that relies on a false tooth and crowned adjacent teeth, a zirconia bridge stimulates the underlying jawbone and encourages new growth so you won’t experience undesirable facial changes.

A Permanent Method to Restore Smile Aesthetics

Although a zirconia bridge is made from a material that has similar physical properties to titanium metal, it has the color and translucency of natural teeth. The combination of strength and beauty makes zirconia the most optimal and cost-effective material used today by prosthodontists. Our prosthodontists will meticulously fabricate your dental implant zirconia bridge to complement your facial features, gum and lip line and even your skin tone. Unlike acrylic and porcelain materials, the smooth and polished surface of zirconia will feel comfortable against your gums and resist staining. When you receive a zirconia fixed bridge in Richmond, VA from our skilled prosthodontists, you’ll enjoy a brilliant smile for decades—and no one will know they aren’t your natural teeth!

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Zirconia Bridges Are an Investment in You

We’ve seen firsthand how zirconia fixed bridges in Richmond, VA dramatically improve our patients’ oral health and overall quality of life. The team at Commonwealth Prosthodontics continually strives to provide the latest techniques and technology to transform lives, so we never compromise and always use the best materials. Compared to other materials, plaque tends to accumulate less around a dental implant zirconia bridge, thereby reducing the risk of gum disease and increasing the lifespan of your restoration. Although a zirconia bridge is a more expensive option than other less aesthetic solutions, it pays dividends for many years to come and sometimes even a lifetime! We want everyone to be able to enjoy this superior tooth replacement option, so we offer several different dental financing options to make getting a long-lasting new smile more affordable. When you decide to get a zirconia bridge in Richmond, VA, you’ll enjoy decades of smile satisfaction!

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